Fast Electric Car Charging Station – Install 220v Outlet

fast electric car charging station at homeElectric cars are all the rage these days, and with them comes the ability to charge while you’re home and then head out on an adventure. With this new invention comes the thought of what you’re getting from an electric call, and whether or not charging them at home is ideal to do. This might be something that is hard to consider, depending on the charger that came with your vehicle, and whether or not you want to pay to charge the car in your home.

One big consideration to take in mind when you’re thinking about how much it might cost to charge your electric car is, how much were you paying in gas before? The changes from paying for electricity compared to gas are usually much lower. In addition using a 220v charging station will save money in addition to time when ti comes to charging your electric car.

It is true that in the beginning of the electric car rage, there was only one plug you could go with and you had to have a special outlet to go with it. This is something that has changed dramatically throughout the years. Now, you can purchase an add-on product to the end of the charger and plug it into a high speed 220v outlet in your home while you wait for the battery to get fully charged before heading out again. This is also helpful when you’re somewhere that does not have a specific electric car charging station, and you cannot get the vehicle to go until it has been charged.

fast 220v electric car chargingBenefits of Using a 220v Home Outlet for Your Electric Car Charger

There are many benefits of using a 220v home outlet to charge your vehicle. In addition to it being much more convenient, especially when you’re out and about, it is something that provides additional benefits for you to consider.

It is faster than other types of charging methods that you can find on the market, and outlets that once were the only option you could go with.
It saves money compared to larger, more powerful outlets that you can purchase to charge your vehicle with. Save in your monthly energy bill when you charge the car at home from the normal 220v outlet.

Purchase an electric car charger that fits onto your vehicle, and also onto your home’s outlet so you can get the most charge.
Bring the charging station with you, wherever you go and all you need is a 220v outlet to plug it in so you can keep going, even at the longest distances.

With all of the benefits that come with electric cars, themselves; why not get the benefits of a high speed charging station as well. If you have an older model electric car charger, then consider switching to a newer 220v car charging outlet that can transfer the old cord to the new, so you can have fast electric car charging wherever you are.

220v car charger

Charging on the Go

When you’re considering taking a long trip somewhere, then you want to consider whether or not you should bring the charger with you for the ride. Before, this is something that could not be done and you’d have to find a specific electric car charging station to plug your vehicle in at. Now, with outlets on the outside of hotels and other areas of interest, you can plug your vehicle in wherever you are.

Through the use of these electric car charges, so many people have found themselves being able to charge much more efficiently than before. They could also do more, go more places and enjoy the life that they live without having to worry about finding specific charging stations to bring their vehicles too while they are on the go.

So many people are now saving money when it comes to charging their cars at home, on the regular house outlets. Never have to leave home without the charger, and the ability to use a regular 220v car charger to plug it in while you rest and relax. Charging can be done without having to leave your vehicle unlocked, either. You can pop the hook and connect the charger to the battery, and then when it is fully charged, you take it off. The inside of the vehicle never has to be left open in order for you to fully charge the battery inside.

Through the use of electric cars, so many people are able to get anywhere they want without having to purchase gallons of gas. This can be expensive and bad for the environment, overall. Those that wish to do their part for the environment (and for their pockets) have been choosing to go with electric cars over all others. You get further, and you do not put harmful waste into the air around you.

Start making a difference, and know that advances have been made to ensure that you can easily, and more efficiently and affordably charge your electric cars now. Through the use of new chargers, 220v outlets are now able to charge the vehicles that you have, and allow you to charge wherever you are that there is an outlet available. This is a big push in the right direction and it provides us with the knowledge needed to move forward with the electric car that you wish to have, when you have it. Move forward and enjoy all that an electric car has to provide you with.

Now it is time to move forward with the electric car charging station at home, and do the charging that needs to be done. You should feel confident about being able to charge your car, not spend too much and feel confident about getting further. Never have to worry about not being able to do the right things when you want to do them, because you can bring the car charger with you and head out on your next adventure.

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