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Electrician in University ParkWhen you are a home owner there are probably always ideas running through your head on how to improve not only the functionality of your University Park home but to help increase the value if you were to sell your home at a later time. There are many projects that can improve the overall look and value of your home, but many people forget that improving the overall look of their home can go further than just the inside. Giving the outside of your home some new light fixtures or ground lights can help considerably improve your curb appeal.

While many people may tell you that it is okay to take on an electrical project and do it yourself, it is not recommended for many different reasons. Hiring a local, licensed electrician is the safest route to go when it comes to your home and your family. Installing new electrical wiring, in most cases, requires a permit to do so. When you hire a residential electrician they can help you get the correct permits you need. Hiring a licensed electrician also helps rule out the risk of having an electrical fire. In most cases, electrical wiring may not show problems or look risky right after it is done. When electrical wiring is not installed properly, it may take weeks to months to years for there to actually show that there is a problem. Hiring a University Park local electrician will give you peace of mind, as many back up their work with guarantees and their own insurance policies.

An example of an outdoor electrical project that will help greatly increase the cozy feel of your University Park home’s outdoor space is to install decorative lighting that is in the ground. These lights can be spotlights for your garden that will help display that beautiful area that you have worked so hard on. These lights can also offer functionality when ran around your house or patio space, making it much easier to host events during the night time. These types of lighting fixtures will need underground conduit and cable to work properly, and it is recommended you contact a licensed electrician to install these. Underground wiring requires you to use certain types of wire that are approved for underground use that can hold up to the elements of the outdoors. There is also a risk that when digging for installation of the new underground wiring you can run into underground hazards such as water lines, gas lines, existing electrical lines, telephone or cable lines, and irrigation lines. Hiring a University Park local electrician can help you by locating these lines, or to check and see if there may be any potential dangers where the new lines should be ran.

modern landscape lightingAnother great way to spruce up your outdoor area that can add additional value to your home is to put light switches or electrical receptacles outside. Light switches can control any of the existing lighting fixtures or new outdoor lighting fixtures. These switches will need to be covered by a weatherproof cover and have all the proper fittings to protect them from outdoor elemental exposures that could pose a risk to them. Outdoor receptacle outlets are even trickier when it comes to installing. There are many codes that need to be addressed when installing these outlets. The receptacles should be covered by a special type of cover that helps prevent risk due to weather by protecting the outlet even when there is an outlet in use. Again, a licensed electrician can help you out greatly by installing the proper equipment for your outdoor receptacle outlets. Additionally, because there is great risk to elemental dangers, such as rain and snow, all outdoor outlets and switches should be connected to a ground fault circuit connector. These too should be approved for use outdoors and installed correctly with the right connectors and gaskets.

If you are not ready to take on a large outdoor task such as installing new wiring, you can always update your outdoor lighting fixtures. This is one project that can be done yourself as long as your wiring is not outdated and you buy the proper fixtures. When replacing an outdoor lighting fixture, be sure the new one is approved for outdoor use. You should also be sure that the bulb you are using is approved for outdoor use as well. Since safety is most important when it comes to the installation of any sort of wiring or electrical product, remember to switch off the power to the outdoor lighting before taking on this project.

pool lightingWhile there are many resources out there on the internet and in bookstores today that offer tips and tricks on do it yourself electrical wiring projects, safety should always be your number one concern. You want to make sure that the project you are considering doing is done correctly, with the right permits and parts, so you do not run into any problems later on. If you do not get the correct permits you may have a problem selling your house in the future. Not obtaining the correct permits can also cause your home owners insurance to not cover any damages in the event of an electrical fire. Not using the correct parts can lead to electrical fires as well.

As mentioned before, there might not be an apparent problem at the completion of doing your own electrical wiring job. It may take from weeks to even years to show itself, and often times it can lead to a fire before realizing that there is even a problem. Electrical problems, whether you did it yourself or it was done before you bought the home, can happen very suddenly. If you suspect there is an electrical issue, turn off the electrical breaker to that specific area, then contact an emergency electrician. Do not, for any reason at all, hesitate to contact your local emergency electrician when you suspect there is a problem. Remember, safety always comes first when it comes to electrical wiring.

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