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When your home needs electrical installation or repair, you should call a residential electrician. Electrical jobs in the home are not the same as when performing some other repairs or installations. If just painting walls there really is no danger. However, electricity can be extremely dangerous for somebody that is not trained and experienced like a licensed electrician is. Even if you may think the task will be simple, it can turn into a nightmare. A Highland Park master electrician can keep them nightmares at bay.

Safety Comes With a Master Electrician

Every electrical project can pose a danger to an inexperienced homeowner, when trying to complete it alone. With having a residential electrician complete the project, they bring with them the safety that is needed. No matter what the project is, installation or repairs, the person performing it will need to know what they are doing. If they are not experienced in electrical work, this can pose a danger later down the road like shock or fire, along with other hazards for your family and home. Licensed electricians have education and training to complete the project correctly, ensuring safety you are looking for.

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Saving Money With a Professional Electrician

Several electrical projects done by the homeowner themselves, end up costing much more than a residential electrician would of to begin with. Even the small task of installing a new outlet in the home, can cost the homeowner much more than the cost of materials if done incorrectly. Same with installing or repairing light fixtures. With them installed or repaired incorrectly, the damage that may occur can become costly to the homeowner. Electrical fires are not the only reason for more cost, wiring installed or repaired incorrectly can damage electrical devices, electronic gears, and motors in appliances. After the money to repair this damaged property, you will also need money to fix the wiring from an experienced Highland Park residential electrician. If they were hired to begin with, money, time, and stress could have been saved.

Residential Electricians Must Have a License

When hiring a Highland Park residential electrician, check that they are licensed. With any electrician, they have to have a license from the state. Depending on the amount of on-the-job training, coursework, and tests that the electrician took and also passed, will give the their rating. They start off as an apprentice, move on to journeyman, and then master electrician. Electricians have to be well educated in all the electrical codes they need to follow, as well. Depending on the location, there are different codes they need to abide by. When doing the majority of electrical work, building permits are needed from the local municipal. Therefore, hiring a licensed electrician that had to complete these required steps, ensures they have the knowledge of their job.

Local Electrician With Several Years Experience

updated accent lightingProfessional experienced master electricians have the experience to do the job correctly. For the more complex electrical issues, they have the knowledge to efficiently solve them. As already stated, they require on-the-job training, coursework, and tests, and because of this they carry with them several years of experience prior to being a master electrician.

Services Residential Electricians Perform for Homeowners

Electricians perform several tasks for homeowners and businesses, alike. There are several different specializations for electricians. Residential electricians will most likely not be knowledgeable about power line for industries. They will have the knowledge about volts, amps, ohms, and repairing and installing wiring in the home. Along with their specialization, the work they do depends on what the homeowner needs done.

Licensed electricians will have apprentices with them at times. The apprentice will be supervised by the licensed electrician they are accompanying. Usually the licensed electrician that supervises them, are master electricians. They can perform several aspects with the job, but they are not licensed as of yet. They will have to be an apprentice for several years prior to this. The job they do in the home can be trusted and up to code, with the licensed electrician supervising them.

The licensed electrician doing the electrical work on your home can complete all the electrical work needed. If they do not have an apprentice accompanying them, they will perform the work by themselves. Depending on if the work is for a new home being built, or for an existing home decides what tasks they will perform.

Electrician in Highland ParkIf the home is being built, they will be in charge of wiring the entire home. This will include installing outlets, switches, and light fixtures. The electrician will install the electrical panel, as well. They are knowledgeable in the amount of power and voltage is needed when wiring new homes. While working with the home builder, he will design a wiring diagram.

Existing homes, need licensed electricians for the repair and installation to the electrical system of the house. They can rewire the entire home, or just parts. If wiring behind wall switches or outlets need repair, the residential electrician completes this. When installing ceiling fans or exhaust fans, residential electricians should complete this and not the homeowner, due to safety reasons. They can also fix or install wall fixtures if needed by the homeowner. When replacing an electrical appliance in the home, an electrician should be called to do an inspection. The home may possibly need the electrical panel repaired, they can do this job, as well.

Highland Park Residential Electrician Keeps Your Safety in Mind

With the injury and damage that can occur with homeowners attempting these electrical jobs themselves, hiring a residential electrician makes sense. Not only will hiring an electrician ensure your families safety, it will also save the homeowner money. Licensed electricians usually give warranties for their work. Having the warranty on the electrical work, helps put the homeowners mind at ease. Always verify the licensed electrician is licensed, insured, and bonded. A Highland Park residential electrician is essential to any electrical project in the home.

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Ari Weinberg
Ari Weinberg

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posted 1 week ago

Barney has come through again. He is truly an electrical wizard! I was doing some demo in my home and came across an electrical issue that was going to be a big job. He was able to take care of it and the price was fair as always.

Norma Tamez
Norma Tamez

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***First Time Customer***

We had a 200 AMP Panel burn early Saturday morning. My husband contacted Barney’s Electric; Barney quickly returned the phone call and agreed to come over the following morning.

Barney and Steve arrived at our home on Sunday at 7:00 AM. They completed the job to our satisfaction in a timely and professional manner.

Awesome job, definitely a "5 STAR" Company!

Thank you, Barney and Steve for taking care of us / our home. We will gladly recommend “Barney’s Electric” to our friends and family!

Gregg Cohen
Gregg Cohen

5 out of 5 stars

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we have used this company several times. they are efficient and their work is solid. we appreciate the good service