Extremely Helpful Tips for Home Energy Audit

It is possible for a homeowner to conduct an audit for home energy themselves. This can help them find areas where improvement is needed to help them save money on their bills for energy. Many people are looking to find ways to save money on their energy bills due to increases in energy rates and consumption.

Air Leaks in the Home

If your home feels like it is drafty, it most likely has an air leak. Some of these air leaks are found in such places as window frames, weather stripping, electrical outlets, baseboards, fireplace dampers, and air conditioners that are wall mounted. If you fix these air leaks, you can reduce your homes drafts by an amount of up to 30%. This reduction in drafts will save on energy consumption and money.

Issues with your Homes Insulation

An energy waster that is quite huge, is air leaks that are through your homes insulation. If your home has insulation in the amount that is less that recommended, these air leaks might occur. Due to rises in the cost for energy, it is probable that your insulation currently installed is not enough to keep your home warm during cooler months and in the summertime keep it cool.

Check the electrical boxes, and ensure they are sealed good. Your energy waste can be cut down with doing this. Take a candle that is lighted and hold it in the front of your home electrical outlet. You will see that the electrical boxes are sealed good or not by checking if the flame on the candle flickers.

Cooling and Heating

new cold air return air filter

replace your cold air return filters every few months

Be sure you are replacing your cold air return filters and furnace filters every few months, or how often it is recommended by the manufacturer. If you use your cooling and heating quite often, this is especially important. Another important tip, is have your equipment cleaned by a professional on a yearly basis and to check that it is all working properly.

Consider options for replacing, if your equipment is more that fifteen years old. There are several options available for energy efficiency which can give a significant reduction to your utility bills. Another thing you want to check is your ducts for cracks and if they are adequately sealed.

Lighting in the Home

Another factor to consider when doing an energy audit of your home is, lighting. An approximate amount of ten percent of your monthly utility bill, is from lighting. One way to reduce the cost for lighting, reduce the wattage in your light bulbs. For instance, if your light bulbs are currently 100 watts, consider changing them out for the energy saving bulbs that are 60 watts.

Wherever it is possible, use lights that are fluorescent. These lights are more efficient than the regular light bulbs. Check with your utility company to find out if they offer any incentives for purchasing lamps and light fixtures that are more efficient with energy.

Partner with and Electrician

Partnering with an electrician for your energy audit can help save a lot of money.

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