10 Dangerous Signs Your Wiring Needs Upgrading

You do not need to be left in the dark with problems with your electrical wiring. Check for bad wiring with these ten signs, and contact a professional electrician in Texas for help.

When it comes to residential wiring, homeowners should never tamper with it. Only licensed electricians should do any work involving electric, due to the dangers involved. If your wiring is working properly, it is invisible. However, when your home’s wiring starts going bad, many problems can go without being seen. If you are not trained to spot differences in good and bad wiring, they will look the same. Thousands of fires, hundreds of deaths, and millions of dollars in damage yearly, are due to bad wiring.wire-replacement


Unfortunately, electrical wiring has several myths surrounding it. This makes many homeowners believe they are qualified enough to do electrical wiring work in their home. Although many homeowners can fix a simple problem with plumbing or hang a piece of drywall, problems with electrical wiring should be left to professionals, even if it seems minor.

To avoid major disasters and serious injury follow these stated tips concerning the most common electrical issues and their signs that warn you.

Majority of homes that are modern have been built with circuit breakers rather than the old-fashioned boxes with fuses. A common occurrence is circuit breakers tripping and a circuit shutting off automatically. If this happens, you simply have to switch the circuit back on. However, if this is a frequent occurrence the reason might be due to overloading and the safety capacity being exceeded. Or this may be a sign that there is a short in the wiring. If left unrepaired, a possible fire could happen.

In a home that is older, frequently dimming or flickering lights can be a common problem especially in homes that have modern appliances such as microwaves. There are times that the lamp that flickers is the problem. Test this by trying it in an outlet that is not near the one it normally uses. However, there may be a wiring problem that is serious if this happens to more than just one fixture or light regularly. Your home’s electrical system may need upgrading. Have a licensed electrician help you determine this.

Electrical outlets in your home should not be hot to touch, have char marks, or buzz, ever. If you experience any of these issues, this is a sign there is bad wiring near or inside the outlet. If the outlet is dead, this is another sign. This might be due to a wire that is loose or possible a DIY that is faulty. Even for minor repairs, always use a licensed electrician.

Since electricity has been included in construction of homes, building codes require all commercial and residential wiring be done by electricians that are licensed. At the time your home was constructed, every electrical outlets needed to be grounded to what the code stated. As years pass, these wires that are grounded may have become loose. Or if during repairs one of the outlets is not grounded, this makes other outlets that are in the system ungrounded, also.

Burning vinyl or plastic has an odor that is unmistakable. Unfortunately with wiring, it can be difficult to identify and locate. But in a case that you smell something burning that is electrical, you are lucky. Majority of warning signs of fires that are electrical are not visible, or have color, or odor. Amazingly, electrical wires sometimes “burn” or heat up for several years prior to becoming hot enough to ignite materials nearby.

A major problem is aluminum wiring, which was popular during the 60’s and 70’s. Unlike copper wiring, which is used today, wiring that is aluminum contracts and expands as temperatures of the seasons change. This leads to connections that are loose and is a fire hazard. Consider replacing aluminum wiring in your home if you have any. If you find that too costly, pigtail all connections with wiring that is copper.

Often a sign that an electrical job was completed by an amateur and a major fire hazard, is wires that are frayed or damaged, insulation thatGround Fault Circuit Interrupter is cut, and defective cable splices. These types of problems go unnoticed quite often. Have a licensed qualified electrician review and fix any work in your home that has been done by electricians that were not licensed.

Light fixtures and appliances that are modern are designed not to show any hints they require electricity to make them work. If you hear a buzz when turning on a lamp, there may be a bad wire or just a bad lamp. There can be an electrical problem that is serious if you feel a vibration, buzz, or slight shock when turning an appliance on. If you have an appliance or light fixture that shocks or buzzes another outlet, have an electrician that is licensed and qualified to check your wiring.

In most cases, circuit breakers that are modern are designed for holding breakers that are 15-amp to receive maximum protection in the majority of rooms. However, some homeowners replace the breakers that are 15-amp with ones that are 20-amp. Due to 20-amp breakers being meant for use for major appliances and not use for every day, this can be a mistake that is fatal. Risks for fires and severe overheating are increased when wrong breakers are used causing overloads that do not trip the breaker.

A code requirement, ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) have to be anyplace electric current is near running water or comes into contact with the ground. These devices are lifesavers by preventing a possible deadly shock. GFCIs that are modern have testers built-in and should have regular testing done. A bad GFCI could be the issue of on not working correctly. Or the problem could be more serious, faulty wiring.

If you experience any of these signs, contact an electrician that is licensed and qualified to rectify the problem, possibly with upgrade to wiring.

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