What to do before calling the Electrician?

Electrical problems in your home can be one of the biggest headaches financially that a home owner deals with every year. As the weather changes and you start to utilize more electric energy it is important to pay close attention to your electrical outlets in your home. Saving money on electric is hard during the summer when you have your air and condition blasting non-stop. At the same time not being prepared for a power surge or just a loss in electricity will leave you hot and miserable for however long it takes an electrician to process your problem and then fix it. There are some very easy steps to figuring out an electric issue before you have to call your electrician to be your super hero.

Electricity is a vital part of owning a home. When your electricity goes out you have to prepare accordingly. Most of the time the solution to an electrical problem is just to wait it out especially in cases of atypical weather patterns like a severe storm or a heat advisory. These two cases are the most common reason why your electricity may instantly cut off so just be patient and look at other homes to see any indication of a flowing electric current throughout your neighborhood.

In other cases, it is important to survey the house for any and every possible solution. If other electronics are working correctly in your home it may be an easy solution to check the outlets. Over the life time of a home electrical outlets tend to burn out every now and then and people will assume it is a bigger problem costing them more money than necessary. Attempt to plug the appliance you were using into other outlets throughout the house and see if the problem continues. If not you know the culprit and can focus on changing the outlet that works no longer.Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

If the outlet works fine take a look at the appliance that you are attempting to use. Make sure it has no shorts or disruptions causing it to malfunction. Checking the switches nearby will also assist in eliminating the problem. Once you have checked all the necessary on hand problems and your electric is still faulty it may be a problem with the homes electric wiring. Before you give your electrician a call there are a few more places you can look to rid the problem.

Some electric problems are not caused by the appliance or the switches but by the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and the circuit breaker boxes. The GFCI is similar to small breakers and if in danger of a surge will automatically shut off to stave off future problems. In most homes these are located close to water in the kitchen or bathroom. Reset this and listen for the clicking sound that indicates it is working fine. The final and sometimes most apparent issue is the circuit breakers. The circuit breaker box can be found usually in a bedroom closet or a basement. Quickly turn off all the breakers and wait 60 seconds to turn them back on and you will see where your problem lies. These are some of the easiest solutions to take before calling your electrician, these will hopefully buy you enough time to get the finances together if it becomes a major electrical problem in your home.

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Joseph Murphy

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First time customer - Had four bids placed for a hot tub installation. Barney's cleanliness and overall respect for his own tools, plus a willingness to work with me helped secure the work for his company. His crew were fantastic. Very professional, quick, clean and explained what/how they were going to accomplish the job. Highly recommend.