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At Barney’s Electric, we firmly believe that though electrical repairs should only be handled by electrician specialists who are thoroughly trained and licensed, we also believe that as a home owner you should have an understanding of the your home’s electrical system. In doing so, we have implemented these trouble-shooting tips so that you can answer some of your own questions long before you ever call on us. Below you will find some things that you can check before you call. If you have questions or we can assist you in any way please contact our office at 972-771-9464. You may also request services from this site.

So you are probably asking yourself, where do I start? You can begin with the following:

  1. Are your neighbors affected? If not, check your circuit breaker, fuse box or main breaker before calling an electrician or FPL. Reset a breaker or replace a fuse. If you live in an apartment building and only your power is out, call your building’s maintenance person for assistance.
  2. Does the problem come and go? Look for patterns. More than likely something might have interfered to cause a quick on and off of electricity. Things that you may want to consider when looking for patterns:
    • Does the problem happen at the same time of day?
    • Is construction work going on in your neighborhood?
    • How was the weather?
    • Was there a loud noise outside the home?
    • Have you added any new appliances to your household?
    • Being aware of patterns can be a valuable tool for you and your electrician in finding the cause and solution to your power disturbances.
  3. Rowlett Electrical Trouble Shooting

  4. Is other household equipment running at the same time? Find out if sensitive equipment is sharing the same electrical circuit as large appliances or motors, or if too much equipment is on one circuit. If so, relocate the sensitive equipment to a different outlet or circuit.
  5. Has recent work been performed on your home’s electrical system? Have you recently added new appliances or equipment to your home? Check your installation manual, troubleshooting guide, or call the electrician who did the work to find out if incorrect installation, grounding or wiring is causing problems with other equipment in your home.
  6. Is the electrical problem happening with only one specific appliance or electronic device? If so, review the instruction manual provided with the item to see if it provides troubleshooting tips or contact the manufacturer for assistance and advice with identifying the cause of the problem. Also, you may want to check to see if the equipment is plugged into a ground fault interrupt (GFI) outlet. Troubleshoot a GFI outlet.
  7. Are lights in your home going dim and staying dim for an extended period of time? When lights in your home stay dim for an extended period, turn off major appliances and contact your electrical provider.

What is the “simple solutions” don’t work? Then what? There are endless causes for power outages and electrical disturbances within your home. Some include the following:

  • Circuit Overloads
  • Electrical Short Circuits
  • Damaged Wiring

If these solutions don’t work, or you suspect you have electrical problems at your home, you can have the peace of mind that Barney’s Electric is here for you and we are the experts that will trouble shoot your electrical problem and come up with a solution!

Rowlett Electrical Trouble Shooting

Troubleshooting electrical problems in your Rowlett home will prevent countless house fires that are inadvertently caused by poor wiring techniques, substandard materials, faulty extension cords, or defective electrical appliances. The trouble lies in the simplicity of electrical work. Small mistakes can cause quick and severe consequences. Poor wiring techniques can cause shock hazards that may not be evident until the accident happens.

Quality electrical work depends on consistency and uniformity. That is why you deserve only the very best when you are putting your trust in an electrician to the care and safety of your home and family. Barney’s Electric is “YOUR” electrician. At Barney’s Electric, your safety is our foremost priority. Contact us today!

We hope that you have found this page to be helpful and has also answered some of the questions you may have. If you have any questions or we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us at your nearest convenience. At Barney’s Electric, “Your future is looking Brighter!” Our specialists can be contacted at 972-771-9464. For your convenience, you may also request services from this site.

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Morgan Crawford
Morgan Crawford

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posted 1 month ago

I used Barney's Electric to update old light fixtures / install new light fixtures at my house. Barney's Electric is hands down the best electric company to hire! The technicians are so unbelievable professional, knowledgeable and helpful!! I was very pleased with the electrical services they provided and how fast they were able to come out. They absolutely take care of every customer job, LARGE or SMALL. I will call them every time I need an electrical job done.

Cale Watts
Cale Watts

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I submitted an online request at 9pm one evening for some electrical work I needed on a newly constructed patio cover. Barney called me around 7:30am the following morning! Now that's a fast response time! The work needed to be completed asap and had to be coordinated with my builder. They coordinated perfectly with my builder's schedule. They got the work done fast. And this was all done with very short notice!  They were prompt, professional, courteous, and very informative. They even gave me free advice on a non-related issue that is going to save me hundreds of dollars. They did excellent work and cleaned up afterward! I will definitely be using them on other properties and upcoming projects in the near future.  I highly recommend Barney's Electric! 


greg sens
greg sens

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Barney came out to check my electrical after an LG service repair man stated I had wiring issues. Not only was his advice extremely helpful his consultation was free of charge! So I can tell LG that the issue IS with their product and not my wiring and save a bunch of $$. Thanks Barney you are a lifesaver. Your reviews say it all...