CSST Bonding and Grounding

csst bondingIt’s vital to make sure that all gas lines put in around your home and your business are built with proper CSST Bonding and Grounding. This is essential to make sure the pipes are safe to use. They are risky to make use of if they aren’t properly grounded and completing the process is something that non-professionals shouldn’t attempt. After all, if the work is completed improperly the pipe itself is unsafe to use, and that’s a pretty big deal.

How to Achieve Proper CSST Bonding and Grounding

In order to properly bond and ground a gas pipe it has to be fitted with the proper sized bonding clamp that has a bonding wire attached. The wire itself needs to be at least 6 AWG copper or larger and has to be attached securely at the top of the clamp. The whole setup is designed to make sure that no electrical currents can flow through the gas of the line and lead to major problems later on. This must be done on all gas lines, no matter if the tools connected to the lines are electrically powered or not. That’s because electric currents could be introduced into the lines even without the tool itself being the source of the current. When dealing with something as volatile as gas lines it’s important to take precautions and to plan for every possible problem.

Why Grounding is Essential

Gas pipes must remain grounded during operation to help control the flow of electricity during use. If the pipe were exposed to serious electricity from any source it could lead to a serious fire or explosion hazard if it wasn’t grounded out of the pipe. By grounding the pipe properly any electricity will have a path to travel away from the pipe itself without causing any problems for anyone using the pipe or the installer of the pipe. When you work with hazardous and highly flammable materials like gas you have to take extra precautions to keep everything safe.

Why Professionals Should Handle the Work

Gas lines are inherently dangerous to work with because of the volatile nature of gas. One uncontained spark and you could have a serious fire or explosion on your hands. That’s why everything has to be handled with care. When gas lines are put in, the type of line and the placement of the line determines which type of bonding clamp and bonding wire should be used to complete the installation. This isn’t something that a novice is going to be able to determine on the fly with accuracy, and even if the novice is capable of determining the proper clamp and wire necessary, there’s always a chance the installation won’t be completed properly. Without a trained professional handling the installation there are too many risks being taken.
If you plan on having a gas line put into your business, or will need one at home, it’s important to make sure the necessary precautions are taken during the installation. That’s why you should hire a professional to take care of the entire installation, including the CSST Bonding and Grounding portion of the task.

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